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Alcohol-free Wipes – Wound Cleansing – Sterowipe

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Individually sealed alcohol-free cleansing wipes from Sterowipe. Great for for wiping around wounds, cuts and grazes. Carry a few when ever you go out. When opened, each wipe is a handy 19.5cm x 10.5cm.

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Anytime you cut or graze yourself, it’s key to ensure that the wound is cleaned. Sterowipe wound cleaning wipes are alcohol free and when opened, each wipe is a handy 19.5cm x 10.5cm.

Sterowipes are alcohol free so cause no additional pain or irritation. Plus they are individually wrapped so none of the annoying drying out you get with large wipe packs – each Sterowipe is fresh, clean and new wherever you need them. Available in a pack of 10, pack of 50, or box of 100 – this will ensure you’ve always got supplies when you need them. They can be dispensed directly from the box or taken out individually and added to smaller first aid kits.

If you are a hiker, or just out in the countryside, you will be so glad you brought these little sachets with you when you cut yourself on barbed wire or scrape an ankle on a jagged rock. Even better, when you can help someone else out who is less prepared that you.

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Pack of 10, Pack of 50, Box of 100

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