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Low Adherent Dressing – 10cm x 10cm – Steroplast – Box of 25

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A box of 25 double sided, absorbent dressings size 10x10cm by UK brand Steroplast. A compact box of nicely made, low adhesion dressings weighing just 170g for the whole box. Ideal for smaller wounds and scrapes encountered on the trail or anywhere at work or home.


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Our friends at Steroplast make some fantastic medical products for use just about anywhere and in any scenario. These 10x10cm low adhesion, highly absorbent dressings  are a great example of something every med pack should contain. This is such a useful dressing size; being ideal for the the kind of minor wounds, cuts and grazes that an active lifestyle brings to us all and, importantly, absorbent and very easy to remove after the event.

10cm x 10cm Steropads come in a compact cardboard box with an easy-dispense feature which helps to keep the unused dressing clean and fresh – just use the pull out section on the side of the box and extract the dressings one at a time without having to fully open the box. Useful, compact and high value. We’ve carried this product for years.

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